Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome to Veritas Realpolitik

My wife tells me that my prose is liquid gold and that I should write a blog. I used to have one (before the term "blog" appeared), but then allowed it to disappear. I have decided to create a new blog, which will largely focus on geopolitics and the American system. Although I am Canadian, I have been living in the USA for over a decade now. I will always be a Canadian, and no amount of time in the USA could ever change that. I also lived in Japan for a year, a country with which I have an intense fascination.

I should have started writing this before the US invasion of Iraq. Then my many predictions which have come true would have been dated and available for all the naysayers out there. As a good Canadian I am most definately a Liberal (not the party, the ideology), and as a history teacher I have a solid background from which to draw analogies. It is too late to predict a US failure in Iraq, which would lead to a general weakening of the USA. At this point people could honestly say it is nothing more than 20/20 hindsight.

Let me begin my first blog entry with a few predictions;

1) China will be the next Superpower by the year 2020.
2) In the year 2020 (or nearabout) the world's supply of oil will hit critical levels, and begin a downward spiral that will not stop until an alternate fuel source can be discovered.
3) The Democrats will win the 2008 election, but because Bush left them so many problems to deal with, which they will be incapable of resolving, the Republicans will win the 2012 election.
4) Iran will become a much stronger nation because of the US failure in Iraq.
5) The Kurds will fail to create a homeland because of their support of terrorism to achieve their objective.
6) European countries will break apart into smaller units in the next few decades, specifically Spain, Britain, and Belgium.
7) The USA will lose its Superpower title by 2030.
8) The US economy, fraught by corruption, will continue its' swing from recession to recovery every 5 years or so, until such a time as their government actually uses foresight to prevent the foreseeable corporate problems that it has thus far ignored.

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